Sylva Family Practice Payment Policy


Fees are based on reasonable and customary charges for this area and/or contracted rates via insurance plans.

Methods of Payment

For the convenience of our patients, we accept various methods of payment.  These include cash, money order, Epay or credit/debit card but no checks.

Payment in Full is Required at the Time of Service

* Cash pay patients who are established are required to pay $100.00 at the window at each visit.  Please be advised, this amount may vary and                       additional money may be due at the end of the visit.  The $100.00 collected does not include labs or other services rendered!  New patients to the                 practice are required to pay $200.00 for their first visit.  

Please note - the listed amounts are not always what is charged and a balance may be due after the completion of the visit. 

* Co-pays will be collected at the window prior to the visit.


Bankruptcy or Bad Debt

Any patient who has filed bankruptcy or has a previous bad debt with our office will be seen on a cash/credit card basis only.  Balances must be paid in full prior to making another appointment.



Refunds will be issued only by patient’s request.  We will not automatically issue a refund check.  Any overture will stay on the patients account until the next visit at which time the credit will be applied to that day.


Payments to Patients

If an insurance company sends a payment to a patient, that money should be forwarded to our office unless payment was made in full at the time of service.  If money is not received, collection procedures will apply.


Workman’s Comp

At this time, Sylva Family Practice does not accept any workman's comp cases.


Insurance Participation

We do participate with most major medical plans.  As a courtesy to patients we will file all insurance claims to any insurance company whether we participate or not.  

Medicaid patients are responsible for bringing a valid, signed card with them to each visit.  If a patient fails to do so, the appointment will be rescheduled.  In addition, adults are expected to have a $3.00 co-pay at each visit.  


Unpaid Claims

Insurance is ultimately the patient’s responsibility.  We will file claims twice for payment.  At this point patients will be responsible for contacting their insurance company for additional information.  If payment is not received the patient is responsible for the remaining balance.



Sylva Family Practice does not process labs.  We only obtain the samples requested by your provider.  All labs/pathology will be sent to Quest Diagnostics.  You may receive a bill from Quest.  If you do not wish to have your labs done thru our office, please notify your provider and we will provide an order for you to take to the lab of your choice.



You can pay your bill on-line using the following link.  It is safe and secure and hopefully convenient for you to use.  Please just follow the link below: 


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