It is difficult to provide appropriate medical care to a patient that does not come in. It poses a liability to the practice and to each individual provider giving care. Any patient with a history of scheduled appointments who misses or no shows for set appointments may be dismissed from Sylva Family Practice after the third missed appointment.  Cancelled appointments will also be subject to this policy. Even though a patient may cancel a scheduled appointment within an appropriate time frame, continued cancelled appointments will be deemed a risk and may fall subject to dismissal as well. We ask that patients make an attempt to call us to cancel appointments they know they will not be able to keep. 

  1. Three or more missed appointments may result in a patient dismissal from the practice.  This decision will be made soleLy by the patient’s provider discretion.
  2. Three or more rescheduled appointments will follow the same guideline as listed above.  Even if a patient has not missed an appointment, consecutive canceled appointments fall under the same premise as a missed appointment.  This too will be a decision made at the provider’s discretion.
  3. The provider will review the patient’s appointment list and notify the Practice Manager to send a missed appointment letter or a dismissal letter. There may be an immediate dismissal based on the provider’s communication with the patient.  If a provider has discussed appointments with the patient, the provider may not deem it necessary to send a missed appointment letter and may resort to sending a dismissal letter instead.
  4. New patient missed appointments.  All new patients are advised when scheduling their appointment that a missed appointment will result in the patient not being able to schedule again. This will be at the discretion of the Practice Manager/New Patient Scheduler. In the event an emergency occurred and /or inclement weather, the new patient was not able to contact our practice to cancel, the Practice Manager will discuss the event with the patient and determine if the excuse is legitimate and that the patient may be allowed to schedule one more appointment.


As a patient you have certain rights and responsibilities. We recognize and want our patients to recognize that a respectful relationship between the health care provider and the patient is the foundation of proper medical care. Copies of this statement are posted in our patient care waiting areas and available to you upon request.

Patients have the right to:

• Receive humane care and treatment with respect and consideration.

• Confidentiality of your health records.

• Privacy and confidentiality when seeking or receiving care except for life threatening conditions or situations.

• Be informed of and to exercise the option to refuse to participate in any research aspect of your care without compromising access to medical care and treatment.

• Receive accurate information concerning diagnosis, treatment, risks involved and prognosis of an illness or health related condition.

• Ask for reasonable alternatives to care.

• A second professional opinion regarding one’s health care and treatment.

• Participate actively in decisions regarding one’s health care and treatment.

• Accessible information regarding the scope and availability of services.

• Be informed about any legal reporting requirements regarding any aspect of screening or care.

• To file complaints and appeals with impunity.

• To encourage family involvement in care.

 Patients have the responsibility to:

 • Provide complete information about one’s illness/problem to enable proper evaluation and treatment.

• Ask questions so that an understanding of the condition or problem is ensured.

• Show respect to health personnel and other patients.

• Reschedule/cancel appointments so that another person may be given that time slot.

• Pay bills in a timely manner.

• Use prescription or medical devices for oneself only.

• Inform the practitioner(s) if one’s condition worsens or an unexpected reaction occurs from a medication.


We try to participate with most insurance companies unfortunately we are not able to participate with ALL insurance plans. We do this as a courtesy to our patients.  Sylva Family Practice is not responsible for the following:

  • Advising patient’s which insurance plan to choose.
  • Knowing your plan benefits (deductibles, copays, out-of-pocket amounts, etc).
  • Please call the number on your card to find out if our practice participates with your plan.  

 Please bring the following with you to your appointments - ALL PATIENTS:

  1. NEW PATIENTS: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time.  This is required even if paperwork has been turned in prior to your appointment.
  2. New patient forms are available below.
  3. Bring all current medications you may be on.  Please bring your actual medications - not a list (for accuracy purposes).
  4. Your current insurance cards.
  5. Your copay - cash, credit or debit only - we do not accept checks. 



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